Many of admiration people exceeding 90,000 people sympathized with this show that considers a family's state.
A good home builds good human being
And good human being builds good society

A family is wonderful !

 The 50th anniversary of the U.N. foundation and "we the earth family exhibitions" (the sponsorship = China woman peace meeting, we the earth family exhibition Hiroshima executive committees, support = Chugoku Shimbun, Chugoku Broadcasting CO., LTD., the Hiroshima television and Hiroshima Home Television Co., Ltd. Shin-Hiroshima Telecasting Co., Ltd.) with which the start of an event will be decorated for contamination 50 years opened in the Hiroshima Ikeda Peace memorial hall on January 20, 1995 (till the 29th). The "Hiroshima corner" which introduces 50 years of life in a photograph, goods, and the account of a hand in us the earth family exhibitions after the war [ of an A-bomb victim ] in addition to the photograph of the family in 65 nations of the world etc. an opening formula -- Miyuki Honda -- Governor Yuzan Fujita Hiroshima described the congratulatory address following the greeting of us the earth family exhibition executive committee chiefs From the guest who appreciated "be [ determined to abolish a core and to build the world of human-beings symbiosis / it ] -- This is the heart of HIROSHIMA. Many voice of sympathy -- it is transmitted from this exhibition with impression with such the deep heart" (Emeritus Professor Naomi Shono Hiroshima Jogakuin University) --