@In the exhibition many items, including calligraphy in a wide frame certifying "Missionary for Peace" bestowed on SGI president Ikeda, demonstrating "the history of mutual trust" were displayed. (Hiroshima Ikeda Peace Memorial Hall)

Oil Painting: "SGI President Ikeda Addressing the Proposal"
Oil painting: "SGI president Ikeda addressing the proposal for the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan" painted by Cao Haishou, a Hong Kong painter, and bestowed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the reestablishment of the diplomatic relations.
This year 1998 marked the 30th anniversary of SGI president Ikeda's proposal for the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan. The proposal will add to its value all the more in "A new era of Chinese-Japanese relations" opened by Chinese President, Jiang Zemin's visit to Japan this year .
The exhibition commemorating both the 30th anniversary of the proposal and the 20th anniversary of the conclusion of The China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty was held from October 25 to November 6 at the Hiroshima Ikeda Peace Memorial Hall in Hiroshima City. (Sponsors: Youth Division of Hiroshima Soka Gakkai, and Hiroshima Youth Peace Committee r)
Consul General Lu Qi of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Fukuoka, Rector Hou Zixin as well as the delegation of Nankai University, Governor Yuzan Fujita of Hiroshima prefecture maintaining friendly relations with Sichoan prefecture, and many other guests in various fields attended the opening ceremony. Wall panels presenting a chronology of cultural exchanges between the two countries, memoirs of war victims during the Japanese invasion of China, a summary of SGI president's proposal, photos of 1st-10th Soka-Gakkai delegation's visits to China and so on. Premier Zhou Enlai's favorite paper knife bestowed on SGI president was also displayed.
Consul General Lu said: "What I would especially like to emphasize is Mr. Ikeda's "correct and profound understanding", "foresight" and "determination and courage". Late Premier Zhou Enlai used to say, 'China and Japan must be friendly with each other forever..' ;'Do not forget the man who dug the well, when you drink water of a well.' "
Mr. Lu continued to say, "To mark the 26th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China, we will never forget the presence of SGI president Ikeda's proposal and the contributions that he made. The exhibition also revealed, in a condensed form, youth's passionate aspirations that they were determined to inherit thoughts and actions from SGI president Ikeda who has sought after peace in Asia."
Members of the peace committee visited four Asian countries to investigate the actual situation that had been caused by the former Japanese military during their invasions of these countries. For they should not forget the fact that they are on the side of offenders as well as victims of the A-bomb.
"Every time I listen to experiences of wars, I strongly feel that people born in Hiroshima have the mission to tell true history of Asia." (Mr. Toshiyuki Koyama) Rector Hou said to the young members after viewing the exhibition, "we have no choice left but to pass on to a younger generation the job of constructing lasting friendship between Japan and China."
y Voices of Guests z
The Proposal Served as a Major Breakthrough Leading to the Normalization of the Diplomatic Relations
Dr. Seiji Imanaga
Rector, Hiroshima Women's University
SGI president Ikeda's proposal addressed 30 years ago served as a major breakthrough leading to the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan. And this proposal resulted in the conclusion of the peace and friendship treaty.
I realized as never before that SGI president Ikeda had had close friendship with late Premier Zhou Enlai, and today's development of friendship between China and Japan has been based on their strong friendship.
I hope that as many people as possible will come and see this commemorative exhibition.
Impressed with full trust and strong friendship with Late Premier Zhou
Mr. Makoto Uda
President , Hiroshima Bank, Ltd.
I admire SGI president Ikeda who had the courage to address the proposal under difficult political and economical environment surrounding China and Japan at that time.
I am very much impressed with SGI president Ikeda's strong friendship with late premier Zhou Enlai. Their close friendship is well illustrated by Zhou Enlai's favorite paper knife and Deng Yingchao's (his wife) favorite brush-stand, both of which were bestowed on Mr. Ikeda and are displayed at this exhibition.
I recommend citizens to visit this exhibition for further development of China as well as Japan in a new century of symbiosis and humanitarianism.
More friendship
Ms. Hiroko Hirakawa, lawyer
It is amazing that SGI president Ikeda announced the proposal 30 years ago in difficult circumstances. As the diplomatic relations between the two countries has been improved , the proposal might be taken for granted. We should not, however, forget the importance of this proposal; I hope young people will further promote their friendship with Chinese people.