A shout of the first atom-bombed place as human beings to "No more War."

The sister who gazes at children's photograph put on miserable environment.
 "War and the peace exhibition" opened in the Hiroshima Ikeda Peace Memorial hall on August 3, 1991. (It holds till the 20th.)
It became the first holding in Japan.
The exhibition was started from the United Nations Headquarters of New York in October, 1989, and has extended the wave motion of a "renunciation of war" and "peace" in world 5 city in Boston, Geneva, Moscow, and Oslo.
Exhibition is a saying "for opening the century of human beings'" theme, and consisted of a photograph and a character panel of 120 points, goods, etc. The record photograph of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster and goods became Japanese first public presentation especially.
     【From intellectuals' voice.】  A title is August, 1991 that time.
I appreciate the peace movement of SGI.
The chief of United Nations Information Center.
 I think that no place is more suitable than this Hiroshima-city as a venue of "War and a Peace Exhibition."
While here makes us recollect the fear of modern war, revival of Hiroshima is because the undaunted will of the man who is going to realize prosperity of through and society for peace action is symbolized.
We are going to go into the new time also in international relations. Tensions of the camp to which the world is opposed were eased gradually, and an end came to the cold war. International society is moving forward aiming at the earth environment preservation for realization of peace, the improvement in people's living environment, and a future generation. Let's say that this exhibition is very effective when complaining of what is required for the production of a steadfast base for the meaning of peace, and lasting peace construction to society widely and urging an understanding. Bases, such as economy or social welfare, stability and poverty, unjust extermination, security of individual human rights, and preservation of the natural environment of the earth, have not made realization of lasting peace there be nothing. Based on all these themes, it is shown skillfully and lucidly.
The way to which human beings should go is considered.
Soviet Union peace committee chairperson.
 I think that this show has a very important meaning.
Life is compared to a way.
Man progresses along the way as time passes. However, it is necessary to sometimes stop and to contemplate deeply. It is required to look back upon and see one's life and to have recreation. It stops, and human beings as well as this need to contemplate deeply calmly. I think that this exhibition is an exactly good opportunity. Human beings think that the way to which it will go from now on will not be made to be considered deeply by them while they come here and look back upon history. Human beings' "the potential (potential capability) of the good" is large, and they also have potential of evil. With the ratio of the good and wrong, I think that future human beings' history is decided. I regard just this exhibition as becoming what emphasizes the necessity for the good.
Precious data which study modern history.
Governor Hiroshima
Mr. Toranosuke Takeshita
 I appreciate for having chosen and got Hiroshima as first venue in domestic of "War and a Peace Exhibition". In case a peace problem is discussed, an important thing is standing on the viewpoint of "Japan in Asia", and "Hiroshima in Asia." Sometimes, the victim consciousness to atomic bomb dropping tends to precede us, and we tend to miss the authentic history which Japan to Asian countries committed. Then, what the modern history in Asia and the world is studied correctly and takes concrete action with a humble posture is important. This show including such a meaning gives a serious suggestion. The plan to which the size of the use when converting the dispute of this century, the history of violence, and military use expense into refugee relief and environmental preservation expense especially etc. is introduced conscientiously is the highlight. I looking-obtain this exhibition to as many people as possible, and the lasting peace in the world without nuclear weapons expects realizing early also for one day.
The good plan which knows many contemporary problems.
Mayor Hiroshima.
Mr. Kei Hiraoka
 Many problems which today's earth and human beings have are intelligible, are exhibited using graph or the number, and became study very. Although there is no battle especially with the felt actual thing, I hear that many problems which threaten survival of human beings, such as human rights, environmental destruction, starvation, a refugee problem, and violence, are whirling in the world. I think that the symbol of these various evils is a nuclear weapon. We consider always and the matter which it is continuing asserting is often summarized. I want to try hard further at the time of this exhibition to realize a peaceful world as Hiroshima residents.
Antinuclear activity which protects both lives.
Vice-Chairman IPPNW (a nuclear war prevention international doctor's meeting).
Mr. Kenjiro Yokomichi
 When war occurs at once, a general citizen wears damage most.
Although antinuclear enlightenment-activity was performed from a viewpoint that IPPNW protects a life, "war and a peace exhibition" came to cosponsor from the place which sets to 1 the purpose which SGI and we aim at. During the 3/4th [ past ] century, human beings began the World War of 2 times, and were completely in insanity. It has continued running the way to war, as out of order. I also memorized strong sympathy into the language the direction of the Soviet Union peace committee "needs to have a time of a few stopping and contemplating" for human beings' history in a way even if by the opening formula and by which the speech was made. An adult also has rich susceptibility with last thing, and such a show regards him as significant also to the children who bear a future time.
It sympathizes with the petition of a "terrestrial alarm bell."
Youth training community meeting chairman (former Hiroshima University president).
Mr. Yutaka Okihara
 In the work, Mr. Kenneth ball DINGU who is an American economist has sounded the alarm bell as many traps are in human beings' future.
It is the 1st war, and although it is control of developing countries' starvation, economy, and population, waste of resources, and also the human rights question, all have been the subjects like all the earths. Or [ conquering such an aching subject in the 20th century how, and building the 21st new century ] -- Such "an alarm bell of the earth" is exactly expressed by the panel of this "war and peace exhibition", and was made to realize a anew. It can never be optimistic about them. There is an atomic bomb as a symbolic thing of the distortion accompanying the opposite side of the science development to which human beings arrive even at the moon, and it. The necessity for "development" which human beings hold, the education which leads two serious aspects of affairs of "control", and philosophy was realized through this exhibition.
Substantial contents without a similar case.
Hiroshima chamber-of-commerce Chairman.
Mr. Osamu Hashiguchi
 The exhibition which took only this up from the front systematically by the theme of "war and peace" will not have a similar case in others. How kind, when the photographs of only this were collected and the panel was created, it admired. There was a photograph seen for the first time fairly also about the 1st, the secondary great war, and a regional dispute. And they are the contents which give impact very. It is substantial, so that it is very insufficient, even if it turns around the hall also to one photograph over 2 or 3 hours, since there is huge history in the background. The crisis of earth environment is cried for, and if there are some which are made about a large and deep human-beings-subject, without you, the citizen who visits this hall, making this show transient now which went into the time of cooperation from confrontation, at least one is put into execution. -- It is anxious in if it becomes an opportunity to consider such a thing all together.
The event which obtained the right time to full disarmament.
Emeritus Professor Hiroshima Jogakuin University.
Ms. Shono Naomi
 It is the brilliant exhibition which can, on the whole, grasp the subject of the human beings from present to the future.
The meaning which is patrolling the world has the very large exhibition by which it was reported to places, such as the United Nations, and the data upon which it has deliberated, and the global opinion were arranged and edited appropriately. I considered pessimistically that the 21st century will go to ruin by the nuclear war which probably is not for human beings up to before. It became new deployment called the conclusion of the Cold War, and the situation improved. It is estimated that it obtains the right time that "war and a peace exhibition" are held after the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty signature in U.S.-Soviet summit by HIROSHIMA to which human beings experienced nuclear weapons for the first time immediately when raising much more the opportunity of the core full disarmament which is a serious wish of the public in the world. I regard as symbolic that existence of nuclear weapons is existence to which technology is not helpful. Supposing human beings' wisdom can conquer a nuclear threat, it will also be able to have the hope which solves many problems, such as environment, human rights, and the North South problem.
Exhibition which pays an A-bomb victim's voice by proxy.
Japan Confederation of A-And H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations.
Ms. Sakae Ito
 Wishes of us the A-bomb victims are "not warring" and "not carrying out a nuclear war again." Therefore, you of a society appreciate for having complained of the thing which we want to say to people in the world really thankfully by opening such valuable "peace exhibitions" from the true heart. Although it heard that this exhibition was born by the familiar talk with U.N. Secretary General and Chairman Ikeda SGI, it is wonderful that a promise is actually fulfilled in this diplomacy with many flattering compliments. Nuclear weapons are not abolished yet and the arrogance and distrust of racial discrimination have a still deep-rooted thing. This exhibition also shows such a thing. I will think that peace cannot be built, if people in the world do not put into execution the petition of this exhibition that a valuable life and every human being must be valued.