Many people gather out of the world and there is a figure which stares at a work.
It is the proof of the deep reliance for SGI.
January 26 "the day of SGI" is commemorated.
The world celebrate the peace, culture, and educational movement of SGI.
In commemoration of January 26 "the day of SGI (Soka Gakkai International)", the "Soka Gakkai special commemoration exhibition" was held from January 24, 1998 to February 15 at the Hiroshima Ikeda commemoration hall.
In this exhibition, the proof of the friendship brought near by the intellectuals in the world which sympathizes with the contribution to development of peace, culture, and education of Chairman Ikeda SGI, and is honored publicly, the university, peace, a cultural organization, etc., and about 170 exhibits are shown.
Every day, many visitors visited, from such precious articles, the true figure of Soka Gakkai was touched and the link of sympathy developed greatly.

The President of Shujitsu Women's University
Yutaka Okihara
I made impression deep anew at the action to the peace, the culture, and the education by which you are developed on a scale of worldwide.
The president of Hiroshima City University
Ryuso Tanaka
I express respect to the ability of SGI to advance peace with a global view from the bottom of my heart.
The head of the management committee for the Meeting to which the improvement in a status and social participation of the woman of Hiroshima Prefecture are recommended
Hiyama Yoko
I think that the result on which you have planted the seeds of peace is a bud's coming out and making it fruit all over the world now.