@The voice of 1,200,000 from the Chugoku district and 13 million from whole Japan concentrates!!
@The signature of the "Abolition 2000" support which the youth part promoted attains 1,231,979 persons in Chugoku district, and attains 13,016,586 persons in the whole Japan (February, 1998). The signature was submitted to U.N. Secretary General, U.N. Disarmament Commission in Geneva, etc. "Abolition 2000" is the international campaign which will ask for conclusion of a nuclear weapon abolition treaty by 2000. 900 or more civic organizations have participated focusing on NGOs (non-governmental organization), such as a "The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation."David Krieger who is the head of "The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF)" has an interview with Mr. Ikeda Chairman of SGI on September 14, 1997. Aiming at a common target called abolition of nuclear weapons, it was promised that this campaign was promoted at the assembly. People of Hiroshima which is an atom-bombed place, and people of the youth part of the Chugoku district start a signature-collecting campaign spontaneously in response to this. From here, the wave of movement spread all over the country.