The 20th SGI General Meeting A Tree of World Peace of the SGI rfhConferences

On October 15, the 14th World Peace Youth Culture Festival was held at the Hiroshima Prefectural Sports Center in Hiroshima. In memory of the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and in commemoration of the establishment of the United Nations. The festival was a message for lasting peace from the city to the world. SGI President Ikeda and SGI Deputy President Einosuke Akiya, together with numerous guests, appreciated the performance by approximately 6,500 Youth Division members from the Chugoku region as well as overseas members including those from nine African countries. Among the dignitaries in attendance were Vice Chancellor Kamal Krishna Joshi of Napal's Tribhuvan University and his wife Sanu Devi Joshi, Director John KC Wong of the UN information Center in Tokyo and Hiroshima Prefectural Governor, Yuzan Fujita.
In his message to this event UN secretary-general Boutros-Ghali declared, "This event not only symbolizes but gives practical expression to all our finest aspirations."

A Folk dance by members from nine African counties including South Africa

The opening -"Poetic Heart Dance" welcoming joyful friends of the world with their desire to make the new century a century of peace

1000 Young Men's Division members performed vigorously to the chorus of "Ode to the Peace Dome"

The Chugoku Fife- and- Drum Corps performed "The Spirit of Peace" with a cheerful tone and with a prayer for peace in mind.

A song of peace to the friends of the world:
A chorus of 2,700 members sounded impressively in the hall

Proudly waving the "Flag of Soka" toward a century of peace and hope : Vivid flag performance.