(From student in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Okinawa, Yamaguchi, Okayama)

 In the Hiroshima student peace committee, 1994 to "a student peace opinion poll" is started for 50 years from contamination at a term. Then, it is carrying out continuously. In Nagasaki which suffered the damage of an atomic bomb like Hiroshima and Hiroshima, Okinawa which a quarter of a century passed from the return to a mainland, in addition to the object, succession of war and the history fact of an atomic bomb investigated how it would be carried out 1997, respectively. Here, a part of investigation will be introduced in 1997.

Enforcement university:  Hiroshima University and 48 University.
Investigation implementation period:  
July 14 - 28
Number of investigation requests:  
Number of investigation recoveries: 
Investigation recovery ratio:
Candidate for investigation analysis:
 Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Okinawa, Yamaguchi, Okayama the Japanese student that lives in each prefecture.