"Testimony from A-bombed
and War experienced people."

@The member of the female student part peace committee who hears experience from an A-bomb victim in the place contaminated those days.

Comment engaged in establishment preparation
Mr. Daisaku Shiode

@For a present-day youth, war and an atomic bomb have the place which has become like a far old tale. However, the A-bomb victims of many which passed through the half-century who, even now, tell a thing of those days with a tear Directly, the talk was heard, it was amazed at the consequences (scratch) of war which remains in the heart deeply, and anger was memorized to an evil spirit called power. How do you cherish "the seed of peace" planted in our heart through the "vicarious experience" of this "war and contamination", and make a fruit bear? It is our future subject. The measure for the peace they can do us wants to consider something and to challenge it. Simultaneously, we think that human beings' precious inheritance "a video library" wants to be more substantial.

The video library which tells the misery of war to the next generation.
@The testimony video library of "contamination / war experience" was established in Hiroshima Ikeda memorial hall on September 8, 1997 which minces the turning point of the 40th anniversary of "nuclear-bombs prohibition declaration." The Hiroshima youth peace committee (Chair Shunji Kurihara) has tackled preservation movement with the image of "contamination / war experience" from the contamination and 50th anniversaries of the end of the war. It is that to which this video library selected 124 from the inside focusing on 6 or July, last year including a 55 contamination experience and-58 war experience. Video can be freely appreciated in a library and can also be lent out.

@The boy member who does video photography of "war / contamination experience"