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International Conference Center Hiroshima was filled with big applause appreciating aspirations by mothers praying for peace and creating peace, which were based on humanitarianism ,.
The 36th Women's Plaza took place on the July 13th at International Conference Center Hiroshima with its theme. " From HiroshimaMy message praying for peace and creating peace".
@Five representatives, from more than 35, 000 applicants, were chosen to present their experiences of caring for the elderly, educating the handicapped, contributing to local society, and tackling environmental problem as well as promoting peace and human rights.
@The center was filled with enthusiastic applause for these aspirations by the women of Soka (Value creation); "Women are the forerunners of peace"; To realize a peaceful and comfortable society where "laughter of mothers and children is heard in every home".

Many files of compiled manuscripts displayed in the center

Women are the forerunners of peace
Ms Junko Murai, chairperson of the steering committee
A great many manuscripts were sent to this Women's Plaza from women of various ages ranging from mothers busily raising their children to elderly ladies who wrote their passionate hearts for peace with reading glasses on and off and consulting dictionaries.
How powerful the aspirations for peace by the women who cherish and bring up life are!
How much hope and courage will spring from the actions of women!
We will make steady efforts even more, being aware that women are the forerunners of peace.