"I welcome, with an utmost respect, a scientist of action‚“ and a hero of peace who travels around the world."
"I have known President Ikeda's profound philosophy and outstanding achievements very well."
These were how the dialogue between SGI President Ikeda and Pugwash Conferences President Rotbrat started in the atmosphere as if two old friends had met after a long absence.

@President Rotbrat, with his experiences to go through two world wars, said,
" War has the power to change human beings into beasts. Even scientists with sound judgement under normal circumstances are liable to make poor judgement in time of wars.

Those who hate barbarianism rush to resort to babarian acts. This is where insanity of war lies."

The SGI President stressed, from the viewpoint of a Buddhist, the importance of constructing peace within the mind of human beings, and said, "Buddhism itself is considered to be the philosophy for true pacifism to salvage human mind, that is, to establish peace in the mind of individuals." Their dialogue on peace lasted ceaselessly.

It has been about half a century since both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were hit by an A-bomb. Even after the end of cold war between the west and the east, the threat from nuclear weapons still prevails. Nuclear tests by France disregarding worlds' opinion only showed a real picture of so-called nuclear powers haunted by the ghost of the concept of nuclear deterrence.

President Rotbrat, until today at the age of eighty-seven, has enthusiastically acted to pursue the world without nuclear weapons and war. The Nobel Prize for Peace was awarded to the Pugwash conferences and its president in 1995 for their consistent activities for peace.

Profile of president Joseph Rotbrat:
@Born in Warsaw, Poland in 1908. Graduated from Warsaw University and then studied nuclear physics at Liverpool University in U.K. Joined the Manhattan Project to develop atomic bombs in U.S.A. and withdrew from the project by the end of 1944 thinking that America should not continue to develop the bombs any more.
@Intensively devoted himself to making the draft of "Russell- Einstein Declaration"as a member of its original signers. Involved in the establishment of Pugwash Conferences (in 1957) , took office as the first secretary general and promoted anti-nuclear movement. President, Pugwash Conferences and honorary professor, London University.

@The endeavor for peace itself is a struggle.
@Promising cooperation and solidarity of justice in October 1989, Osaka