SGI president:
Next year, Chugoku Peace Memorial ParkCcolored with nature in each season, is going to be open in Hiroshima. Praying Monument for World Peace is also going to be built at that place for all the a-bomb victims of the world. Solemn statues symbolizing eternal peace will also be placed there.
@I earnestly request you to inscribe an epitaph on the monument. Not only the Japanese were exposed to the A-bomb,but also Koreans, North Koreans and Chinese were surely at the place of the bombing. People from Taiwan were also supposed to have been there.
@After the A-bombing in Hiroshima there have been another "hibakushas ", for example by nuclear testsin various countries. I would like to offer the epitaph to mourn not only for the Japanese but also for those who suffered from the nuclear exposure. Because this thoughtfulness is the spirit of Buddhism.

Wishing the coming of spring of humanitarianism
where the flowers of spiritual culture bloom in profusion.
(Hong Kong, Feb.,1997)

Mr.Jin Yong, China
Born in Haining County , Zhe- jiang Province in 1924 One of the most prominent novelists very popular in Chinese speaking countries and territories by excellent compositions reputed as the first-rate of the day An influential leader of Hong Kong journalism as the founder of the daily Min Pao and the Min Pao Monthly, two representative Hong Kong publications Representing the sensible persons of Hong Kong, had dialogues with Premier Thatcher and so on. As a member of draft committee, contributed to legistrate the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Basic Law whch helped to decide the way of Hong Kong after its return to China His most important works are "The Sword Stained with Royal Blood", "Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountains","The Semi-gods and the Semi-devils", "A Deadly Secret" and so on.