Make the 21st century "the century of human rights"
Talking about the importance of reviving poetic minds

@Honorary President Ikeda applauded the faith of Mtshali who promoted the anti-Apartheid movement using poetry as his weapon. Mtshali said that poetry opened the jail in our heart, and the Honorary President responded, "Poetry is harmony; it unites persons with persons, and moreover, persons with the universe." Both expressed their great expectation for the revival of poetic minds to make the new century "a century of human rights."

Profile of Mr. Oswald M. Mtshali
Oswald Mbuyiseni Mtshali, born in 1940.
Poet who has been fighting against the Apartheid (the race quarantine policy) movement in South Africa and leading the black consciousness movement in his country.
And also "a banner bearer of culture" fighting for human rights, not only in South Africa but also in all black Africa.
Mtshali said in Hiroshima in May 1991
"HIROSHIMA is a symbol of hope for the world"
A comment by Ms.Yoko Shiode
@After enthusiastically looking around the Atomic Bomb Museum, Mr.Mtshali wrote on the autograph album ,"War draws out the devilish nature, which exists in human beings.I will dedicate myself to the struggle for peace with SGI President Ikeda."
@In response to the Mayor of Hiroshima,Takashi Hiraoka who said that he would wholeheartedly support his action as the leader of the black consciousness movement when Mr.Mtshali gave a courtesy call to the mayor, Mr. Mtshali added that he wanted to be good friends with the citizens of Hiroshima, a symbol of hope for the world as well as Japan.
@After the Seikyo Culture Lecture, a local news reporter interviewed him and Mr.Mtshali responded,"Without the revival of human spirit ,we won't be able to give a radical solution for such problems as race discrimination. That is why we need Buddhism in Africa."
@That was an unforgettable scene for me and this meeting was a good opportunity to think seriously about what we as Hiroshima citizens should do to establish a world with no discrimination.
Conversing with people in Hiroshima at Hiroshima Ikeda Peace Memorial Hall